What if you were the guy who shot Osama bin Laden and everyone suddenly knew your name? You’d be an instant celebrity and, at least for a few moments, you’d be the most famous person in America. You’d trend, you’d meme, you’d animated GIF, you’d Buzzfeed Quiz, you’d get to trade barbs with Rosie on The View, and compete in a viral lip synching battle against Jimmy Fallon. You’d also be maligned by those in the military who share a core value: Operations like the one that got bin Laden are about teamwork and years of training and planning, and no one person should ever take personal credit for anything. What happens in Seal Team 6 should stay with the team. Fox News is promising to share the shooter’s identity next week. But, as a couple readers have pointed out, at least one military blog is already calling him by name. You can either follow this story now or wait for it to follow you over the course the next week.