“Anecdotally speaking, I have received dozens of attacks and threats about my own ethics, but haven’t received a single example of an ethical breach. Gamergate supporters did, however, point to any works of criticism that showed my social convictions: When I said a game included torture, I was attacked; When I claimed threats on peoples’ lives needed to stop, I was attacked; For a year-old article on video game violence, I was attacked.” From Chris Plante in The Verge: Gamergate is dead.

+ It apparently wasn’t dead last night, because Stephen Colbert tried to kill it.

+ The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer gets at the bigger issue: “Is living such a public life worth the trouble? Is such a life worth being constantly exposed to vitriol and rage and threats from strangers — especially when the patterns of that abuse seem so random? Is the kind of work that would be required to sustain a ‘good’ public, online social network possible?”