Since it’s the worldwide capital of media, you’ve probably heard that NYC has its first case of Ebola. Craig Spencer, a doctor who had been treating Ebola patients in Guinea, is in the hospital and three people with whom he had contact have been quarantined. Meanwhile, city officials are working to trace Spencer’s steps, “acting out of an abundance of caution to ensure that they find anyone who might have been at risk of infection.”

+ The Verge: The NYC Ebola patient has turned us all into spies.

+ Are you panicking? No. But we’re still gonna make you look at a chart of all the things much more likely to kill you than Ebola. (Bottom line: If you’re traveling without a seatbelt in a free-falling plane that’s struck by lightning as it crashes into the ocean where an Ebola-stricken shark eats you … it’s time to worry.)

+ How did Craig Spencer get around before he went to the hospital? He took an Uber. (That had to set a new record for surge pricing.)

+ The nurse who caught Ebola in Dallas has been released from the hospital and today she met with President Obama.