“As Ebola enters a deepening relationship with the human species, the question of how it is mutating has significance for every person on earth.” From the front lines in West Africa to the genomics researchers who hope to control the outbreak, The New Yorker’s Richard Preston provides a detailed and interesting look at The Ebola Wars.

+ The World Health Organization suggests a vaccine could be ready to be deployed to the most affected regions by January.

+ Buzzfeed: This is what it’s like to live in an ebola-quarantined apartment building.

+ Just about all the ebola-related news is bad. But it’s a good time to be in the hazmat suit making business.

+ “He may attract less fire, he conceded, because his disease is less controversial. It does not involve condoms, abstinence, homophobia or prostitution, and no one lobbies for mosquito rights.” But that doesn’t take anything away from the job Timothy Ziemer has done running the president’s Malaria initiative. Deaths from Malaria are down 40% worldwide since he took his post. From the NYT: The Malaria Fighter.