“I used a program called TeenSafe, which is meant for parents to monitor their children’s phones and internet activity. I could see all of her text messages from the last few months, all of her deleted texts, her browser history, bookmarks, contact list, her call logs, and her GPS location. Yes, it was all a little creepy.” (What’s really creepy is that there’s a demand for this kind of software.) From Buzzfeed: Here’s what I learned using teen-monitoring software on a sorority girl’s phone for two weeks.

+ FastCo: Will brain-to-brain instant messaging eventually replace phones? (My phone is usually in my front pocket, so I doubt my brain will be the first of my body parts to learn to send messages.)

+ NY Mayor Bill de Blasio vows to end cellphone ban in schools. The only students who can’t sneak phones into schools are those forced to pass through metal detectors. They face enough inequality as it is.