As I mentioned yesterday, American discourse is currently being driven by issues in the NFL, a brand that has quickly gone from unstoppable juggernaut to cultural tackling dummy. The indictment of one of the league’s best players for child abuse has re-opened the discussion about corporal punishment and kids. And it turns out that the debate is anything but clear-cut. From NY Mag: Why Adrian Peterson’s child abuse Isn’t generating more outrage.

+ FiveThirtyEight: Opinions on spanking vary by party, race, region and religion.

+ “In photographs taken a good week after the whipping, the welts Peterson left on his son’s legs still look raw. The child, in his own interview with the police, said that his father also hit him in the face and stuffed a fistful of leaves in his mouth.” Is this really about spanking? Here’s an excellent piece from The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson: Adrian Peterson’s Intent.

+ “I learned, before the age of 5, how to be an abuser. That’s all I knew until the day I woke up.” In NPR, Anthony Hamilton explains: Why I Used to Hit Women.