I’m the 22 Percent

“He logs into the internal project room where team members post discussions about what they’re doing. It’s buzzing with hundreds of updates from employees working from their homes in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the East Coast. Most of them only see each other once or twice a year. Mullenweg turns on some jazz and starts reading. There will be no formal meetings today, or on any day this month. And only rarely does anyone communicate using email … And that is how Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, founder of Automattic, and chairman of The WordPress Foundation, runs 22% of the Internet.” And hopefully he keeps running it. WordPress dot com is my sponsor and the tech that powers my blog and iOS app. When I go to the WordPress offices, there are usually only a couple of people there. So, with some help from FastCo, it’s worth learning How Matt’s Machine Works. (They didn’t ask me to post this. Amazingly, they never ask anything of me. But they support NextDraft and keep it coming to you gratis.)

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