The Rice Capades

The entire media world is attacking Ray Rice and investigative journalists want to know what the NFL saw and when they saw it. That’s all fine. But it should never have mattered. The initial video that was leaked months ago made it clear that Rice knocked his then-fiancee unconscious. What did the NFL think that was going to look like? From The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson: What the Ray Rice video really shows. And from The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Ray Rice video is not a revelation.

+ Nike has canceled its contract with Ray Rice. Apparently the first video of him simply dragging an unconscious woman from an elevator wasn’t enough. Rice has also been removed from Madden NFL 15. You can erase one guy. But you can’t erase the bigger story.

+ As they often do, The Onion sums up the hypocrisy.

+ Janay Rice speaks out and criticizes the media.

+ Olga Khazan: “Most women will experience physical abuse at some point in their lives, and most assaults of adult women occur at the hands of an intimate partner. But once it happens, the options for most women are few–and bad.”

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