Vanity Fair’s Michael Joseph Gross summarizes the deal we all make when it comes to the cloud: “Call it connectivity; call it seduction, or surveillance; call it voyeurism or exhibitionism. Whatever you call it, its tools have the whole world hooked. These tools let users live in streams of information about other people’s lives while enabling the same users to send out streams of information about their own lives. In exchange for these tools, users allow the tech giants to handle and inspect all the stuff we show, and all the stuff we look at, and to keep copies of it, perhaps forever, on computer servers that we do not control, and never will.”

+ Wired: The police tool that pervs use to steal pics from the cloud.

+ The seedy underbelly of the web is worse than you think. “What we see in the public with these hacking incidents seems to only be scratching the surface. There are entire communities and trading networks where the data that is stolen remains private and is rarely shared with the public.” (And this stuff is mild compared to what one would find in the dark web.)

+ Did you even know that Home Depot is investigating a massive hack? If not, you may be suffering from data breach fatigue.