Worth It?

After fifty days of fighting and a couple days of truce, Quartz takes a look at the latest cease-fire in Gaza, by the numbers.

+ MoJo reports on a game called Peacemaker that let’s you try to solve the Middle East conflict.

+ Freed American journalist Peter Theo Curtis thanks the “brave determined and big-hearted people” who helped save him.

+ The New Yorker’s George Packer: “Among the many reasons to mourn Foley’s death is the loss of his reporting, and of reporting in general, from Syria.”

+ Another reporter who was once kidnapped while reporting in Syria explains why it wasn’t worth it: “Now that he’s gone, I wish I could believe that such an extraordinary person died striving to inform an American public yearning to know the truth. It’s harder to accept what really happened, which is that he died while people eagerly formed opinions on his profession and the topics he covered without bothering to read the stories he put in front of them.”

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