From Startup to Neverending

The process usually goes like this. You start a tech company. You make a few million bucks. Then you realize that, hey, life is good and you’d like to live a little longer. Like forever. Former techie Dave Asprey explains: “I decided that I was just not going to die. That would be my next challenge.” (My next challenge is taking up squash.) FastCo takes you inside the quest to disrupt death.

+ Don’t trust today’s scientists and geeks to find the cure for death? Well, for a couple hundred grand, you can swap your blood for antifreeze and wait things out.

+ Computer modeling and bioengineering could be good for you in the long run. In the near term, it could be even better for those creatures who suffer the slings and arrows (and scalpels) of animal testing.

+ Five diseases that wearables are tackling.

+ You’re not old. It’s just that your blood is old. The latest research on young blood.

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