This is undoubtedly television’s golden age, but as The New Yorker’s Sarah Larson explains, its top TV awards show is still in its awkward stage. At least the Emmys is the most child-friendly awards show. (Especially if you have children in their 80s.)

+ No, you weren’t watching last year’s show on a DVR. Breaking Bad and Modern Family once again took home the top awards. If you’re looking for a big trend, consider this. Increasingly, the shows that win the biggest awards are on pay cable and/or some other service that charges viewers to watch. We are creating a new Couchtocracy where the best of television is available only to those who can afford it. Everyone else is stuck watching shows like the Emmys. And this trend is not limited to TV. I just read a story about television’s paywall behind a newspaper’s paywall.

+ Here is a look at all the winners, the seven moments you (sort of) need to watch, and everyone’s favorite, the list of folks who got snubbed. Jon Hamm has thirteen nominations and zero wins.

+ Sofia Vergara says the notion that her spinning around on a pedestal during the show was sexist is “ridiculous.” The Internet disagreed.

+ And with this tweet, Adam Shankman won the Emmys.