Management 101

After nearly a week of public pressure, the Ferguson Police Department finally released the name of the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown. And for the first time, they also released a report indicating that Brown was being sought in connection with a robbery at a local convenience store. (They later mentioned that the robbery was totally unrelated to the initial contact between the officer and Brown.) Long story short, tensions have not been eased.

+ As wildly mishandled as it was, nothing that was said during today’s press conference would have been enough because it took so long to share the information. Here’s The Wire’s David Simon with an open letter to the Ferguson police chief: “The decision of a police agency to hide the identities of its officers behind a veil of secrecy, while asking the public at large to risk all in open court, is not mere hypocrisy. It is cowardice.”

+ While no one was satisfied with the delayed details shared by police, the scene surrounding that dissatisfaction has changed dramatically over the past couple of days. And that could be in large part because crowd control in Ferguson was under new management. What a difference a day made. Take a look at this before and after shot of Crowd Management 101.

+ MoJo: Exactly how often do police shoot unarmed Black men?

+ That time Ferguson police beat an innocent suspect and then charged him with getting blood on their uniforms.

+ The protest sign that says it all.

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