“There’s a name for the kind of education Fin and Rye are getting. It’s called unschooling, though Penny and I have never been fond of the term. But ‘self-directed, adult-facilitated life learning in the context of their own unique interests’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so unschooling it is.” Outside’s Ben Hewitt makes the case that that we should set our kids free from the standardized testing and indoor inactivity that’s choking the creativity right out of them: We don’t need no education. I suppose I’d let my kids go outdoors for a few hours as long as they bring a coat, wear plenty of sunscreen, take their Claritin, remember their allergies to all nuts and berries, and promise not to touch, eat, or otherwise engage with anything until they arrive back at my doorstep for their Purell scrubdown.

+ The Atlantic on the future of college. No libraries. No tenure. No ivy-covered buildings. No football games.