“I heard that these people were coming to get me. I ran, so they put cuffs on me and put me in the car. I was crying my eyes out. I almost had a panic attack. This place is hell … I didn’t do that many bad things that I should get sent away to a place like this.” The Atlantic’s Sulome Anderson: When wilderness boot camps take tough love too far. When I was a kid, my parents had to cuff me just to get me to go to regular camp.

+ Global parenting habits that haven’t caught on in America.

+ “When your daughter walks up to you and points to her mouth, which is filled with tiny rocks, she’s not acting out to get your attention. She’s championing a paradigm shift in how gravel is conceptualized.” Lean in, for toddlers

+ Surprise, hand sanitizers in schools don’t make your kid less likely to get sick. (Maybe now my kids will finally stop complaining about having to wear the hazmat suits.)