A lot of you let me know when you find a typo in NextDraft. Well, I can finally explain why it’s often impossible for me to catch them myself. It’s because I’m wildly intelligent and working on an extremely high level task. (I’m also distracted, have blurred vision, and just finished my second quart of French Roast.) From WIred: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos.

+ My son is only eight, but he already slams his door shut and cranks rock music at top volume. He recently asked me: “How do you play an electric guitar?” Kid, let’s start with this video: The history of the electric guitar in one song. (But as soon as you’re done watching it, you’re learning to code!)

+ And if you missed it yesterday, there were some great music-related links: In Vinyl Veritas.

+ “Capricorn Ted Cruz can’t get along with ‘typical Leo’ Barack Obama. Maybe the Zodiac can explain why DC is so screwed up.