“I’ve gone to therapy for 40 years to try to explain this to myself.” NYT Magazine’s Monte Reel with the story of the Brazilian who’s buying up all the world’s vinyl. (I bet he’ll wish he chose another hobby when all the hipsters show up…)

+ Listen to your new favorite rock/blues/punk artist. Courtesy of NPR, this is Benjamin Booker.

+ Booker taps into some of rock’s history. The fantastic documentary Muscle Shoals puts it on full display. Great stuff.

+ An oral history of the Beatles at Candlestick Park in 1966.

+ A new study found that musical training can improve language and reading. My wife and I took our kids (5 and 8) to see Tom Petty at the Outside Lands music festival. I’m not sure it improved their reading, but they definitely have a better idea of what it looks like to pass out drunk at a music festival. (We turned it into a teachable moment and told them that the person didn’t eat their vegetables.)

+ And in cased you missed it, here’s my old McSweeney’s piece: An open letter to the guy who puked next to me at the heavy metal festival.