Liberian health care workers who have contracted Ebola have been given saline infusions and electrolytes to keep them from getting dehydrated. Two American health care workers were given an experimental serum and a specially-equipped plane ride to one of the world’s top medical centers. The New Republic’s Brian Till argues that the inequality in care couldn’t be starker.

+ Three experts, including the person who discovered Ebola, argue that Africans should be given access to the experimental drug.

+ The New Yorker’s Richard Preston on the outbreak: “In Liberia, parts of the medical system have effectively collapsed. Some hospitals and clinics have been abandoned, while others have become choked with Ebola patients. The hospitals of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, are full of Ebola patients and are turning away new patients, including women in childbirth. American Ebola experts in Monrovia are hearing reports that infected bodies are being left in the streets: the outbreak is beginning to assume a medieval character.”

+ The Guardian’s James Ball says you’re worrying about the wrong disease. And MoJo offers up five diseases that are scarier that Ebola. Umm, thanks?