The Bottom of the News

Victoria Bond spent one day modeling for a stock photo company. That was back in 2003. But she still continues to see herself popping up all over the place.

+ Aeon’s Simon Blackburn ruminates on Narcissus wonders whether you can have self-worth without self-love. (I’ve been having the opposite every day since I was thirteen.)

+ “We think of Dylan in a pantheon of great rock stars, at or near the top of a select list that includes the Stones, Springsteen, maybe U2 … But he behaves much differently.” Bill Wyman wonders: How did Bob Dylan get so weird? (This is just a theory. But it could have been the 60s.)

+ Grover Norquist explains why he’s going to Burning Man. Probably for the same reason everyone else goes. The art, the drugs, and the non-gender specific naked hugging of strangers that lasts a little too long but then is mysteriously forgotten a few hours later.

+ Obesity. Climate change. Rabid consumerism. Looking for something to blame? Try your giant fridge.

+ Paste Magazine: The 50 best documentaries streaming on Netflix.

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