A Malaysian Airlines flight with 295 people on board flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in eastern Ukraine.

+ With fake photos and false information spreading on social media, factual details are still scarce. But many sources are reporting that the plane may have been shot down by a surface to air missile fired by Russian separatists who are “believed to have shot down two Ukrainian military planes over the region in recent days.”

+ You can track live updates on the story from ABC News and the Telegraph.

+ If the commercial aircraft was shot down, it wouldn’t be the first time. From MoJo: 5 other commercial airliners that were shot down.

+ This event takes place against the backdrop of rising tensions in the region and expanded U.S. sanction against Russia. From Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev: “We may go back to the 1980s in our relations with the states that are declaring these sanctions.”