Maybe this year’s Emmy statues should be made out of Valyrian steel. Game of Thrones dominated the Emmy nominations and is joined in the best drama category by the likes of Breaking Bad, True Detective and Mad Men. From the Yellow King to the Red Wedding, this is an epic era in television awesomeness.

+ Here’s the complete list of nominations, the reactions of the nominees, and a look at the nominations by the numbers (HBO won again with 99 noms).

+ Jon Hamm was nominated again this year. So the question is: Who will beat him?
Hamm has ten Emmy nominations and zero wins. Of course, as I like to remind people each year, Two and a Half Men has nine trophies and The Wire has none.

+ Emmy noms and snubs we’re sad about.

+ It seems like every network is trying to get in on the demand for quality television. But can Cinemax move to the high-end when we all associate it with the rear-end?

+ Take a look at this short video showing the visual effects created for Game of Thrones.

+ And the bigger Game of Thrones gets, the more people ask George R.R. Martin when the next book is coming out, and the more dire his related threats become.

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