I Wouldn’t Leave You Hanging…

As I’ve mentioned, NextDraft will not be published for the next week. I’ll be providing links to some news stories (mixed in with my usual weirdness) on Twitter. So feel free to follow me there. In the meantime, I’ll fill today’s ninth spot with a few extra stories.

+ “With a quivering hand, Vlok took a glass of water off Chikane’s desk, poured it into the basin, sprinkled it onto Chikane’s naked toes, and dried them carefully with the rag. And then both men dissolved into tears.” New Republic’s Eve Fairbanks on a former Apartheid leader who is seeking redemption — by washing the feet of those he wronged.

+ “Whenever you are speaking with a co-worker who seems to be paying attention, and whose upper body is angled toward you, but whose legs and feet have turned toward the door – realize that the conversation is over.” Entrepreneur on body language, leadership positions, and why you should never cross your arms again.

+ FastCo: You’re more likely to lie, cheat, and steal in the afternoon. (But never at dusk…)

+ “If there were a widespread disease that similarly deprived people of a third of their conscious lives, the search for a cure would be lavishly funded.” Aeon’s Jessa Gamble on the end of sleep.

+ Why do Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes?

+ Fortune: Prison labor’s new frontier — Artisanal Foods.

+ Modern Farmer: California entrepreneurs try to design their way out of the drought. And The Atlantic on why Californians will soon be drinking their own pee. I always knew my cats were ahead of the curve.

+ Santa Fe Reporter: Casanova’s Long Con — How Michael Soutar turned a 34-year prison sentence into freedom.

+ Build bigger roads, and traffic gets worse.

+ “I tell them to do what I did: Get surveillance cameras. Hire a private investigator. And do the necessary steps to get them out.” BloombergBusinessweek with a look inside Airbnb’s battle for New York.

+ Here’s an interesting look back at a CIA plan to work with one of the people behind GI Joe to make a demon toy to counter Osama bin Laden’s influence

+ 19 supermarket mind games that get you to buy more stuff.

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