When a Shopping Cart Calls

Amazon has announced its much-anticipated Fire Phone. The screen changes depending on how you look at it. You’ll get unlimited backups for your photos. There’s a Mayday button that can connect you with a real person for some help. And Jeff Bezos promised that your earphone cord won’t tangle. Of course, the key feature of the phone is something called Firefly, “a tool that automatically recognizes basically everything the phone looks at and hears” and, yes, let’s you buy it on Amazon. Like with the earphone cord, Amazon’s new phone makes sure that the direct line from your bank account to Amazon never tangles.

+ Twitter now supports animated GIFs. (You’ve been warned.)

+ Speaking of new technology, techies have been enthralled by a debate over the future of our industry, and its relationship to the broader economy. Here’s Marc Andreessen: This is probably a good time to say that I don’t believe robots will eat all the jobs … And here’s Alex Payne with a very interesting response: “You seem to think everyone’s worried about robots. But what everyone’s worried about is you, Marc. Not just you, but people like you.”

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