Senator Claire McCaskill took Dr. Oz to task for his hawking of ridiculous products: “The scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of those three products that you called miracles.” (I was suspicious when Dr. Oz told me, “Turn your head and cough, and I want to be on Oprah.”)

+ NYT: “Frequent exercise may influence our weight and overall health by altering the kinds of organisms that live inside of us.” (Now I’m scared to be sedentary and scared to exercise.)

+ WaPo: The generational battle of butter vs margarine. (Parkay…)_

+ In one the Bay Area’s most grueling races, Wolfgang Zech’s time was about 30 minutes off his usual pace. That may have been because he ran the race while having a heart attack.

+ On the other end of the spectrum, a Florida man hid drugs under his stomach fat.