“I think we are open to any constructive process here that could minimize the violence, hold Iraq together — the integrity of the country — and eliminate the presence of outside terrorist forces that are ripping it apart” That’s Sec. of State John Kerry indicating that the U.S. would work with Iran to deal with the disaster in Iraq. (The Pentagon has ruled out any military cooperation between the two countries.)

+ Dexter Filkins: “From now on, the group said, unaccompanied women were to stay indoors, and thieves would be punished by amputation. The ‘divine conquest’ of Mosul by a group of Islamic extremists is a bitter consequence of the American invasion. For now, there seems to be very little we can do about it.”

+ Question: If the U.S. military decides to conduct airstrikes, will they know exactly who they are supposed to be targeting?

+ “We were very happy when ISIS took over the area and drove the Iraq Army out and at first they behaved very well. It was only after a month that they started killing us.” Are residents in Mosul welcoming ISIS?

+ The BBC on what we know about the Iraq massacre photos.

+ “Many really suffered when Fallujah fell earlier this year, it hit home to those who lost so much, and reflecting on it, they, we, I, often ask, for what?” Iraq war vets reflect on the current crisis.