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+ So, are we prepared to dismiss our preconceived notions of her as some sad gum-chewing has-been to make room for another interpretation? What if Britney has somehow become a feminist role model for single working mothers here and everywhere?” I’m not sure we’re prepared for that, but that doesn’t make this read on Britney’s residence in Las Vegas any less interesting.

+ “The latest evidence suggests that typefaces convey their own meanings and elicit their own emotions independent of the words they spell out.” Yes, it’s time to face the science of Comic Sans.

+ Nintendo announces a new 3D open world Legend of Zelda. In the NextDraft I customize for my wife and son, this was today’s top story.

+ The blasphemy of impersonating a Mister Softee truck. When I want to experience the cool, refreshing burst of frozen chemicals, only the original will do.