I’ve always considered soccer to be one of the world’s most accessible sports. Ball gets kicked. Ball goes into net. Goal is scored. But apparently there’s more to it than that. Grantland has an in-depth and interactive guide to watching the World Cup like a true soccer nerd.

+ Buzzfeed: How a swindling suburban soccer dad pocketed millions as he helped make the sport a booming success in the U.S.

+ “The weed bubble is bursting. Government’s tired of not making any money on this thing. But until then, we’re going to keep turning it out.” Believer Magazine takes you inside the The Heart of the Emerald Triangle. What happens to Humboldt County if weed goes legit?

+ “His sixty-six years in baseball were scripted by Disney and produced by Ken Burns.” A short piece by Roger Angell on Don Zimmer.