The Bottom of the News

Forget big news and new technological breakthroughs. This will always be remembered as the day when Prince showed up at the French Open wielding a scepter.

+ Phil Collins joins a student band at Miami Country Day to sing a few hits.

+ Smart e-Cigarettes that track your vital signs. (Is looking like a complete douche a vital sign?)

+ “Although my training tells me not to overuse exclamation points because they are shouty and juvenile, I find myself using them because I fear being seen as unfriendly or insincere if I only use a period.” Even grammar experts can’t help themselves. It’s too late. Exclamation marks are unstoppable now.

+ Even elephants take selfies.

+ (New feature) Popular from yesterday’s NextDraft: This weekend, everyone I know was talking about the Client Feedback on the Creation of the Earth piece featured with some other interesting/odd stuff in Friday’s bottom of the news.

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