The release of a prisoner of war after five years of captivity seems like a moment for universal celebration. But the coming home party for Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl, who was abducted in Afghanistan, is complicated. First, there are some in Washington who believe the prisoner release that helped free Bergdahl sets a dangerous precedent. And second, there are some in the military who consider Bergdahl to be a deserter who wandered off the base and put lives in danger.

+ Here’s Nathan Bradley Bethea in The Daily Beast: “I served in the same battalion in Afghanistan and participated in the attempts to retrieve him throughout the summer of 2009 … Bergdahl was a deserter, and soldiers from his own unit died trying to track him down.”

+ And for a very different perspective (and you can expect the dueling perspectives to grow into a huge story over the next week): Sgt. Bergdahl’s Hometown Rejoices At His Long-Awaited Release.

+ The Atlantic: Why are there so few POWs from today’s wars?