But It Feels So Right

Hitting a buzzer. Plastering a giant red X over your face. Dropping you through a trap door. Those are just a few ways to try to alert you to the fact that you are wrong. It turns out it’s almost impossible to get people to change a belief or attitude, even when they are wildly off the mark. And “even when we think we’ve properly corrected a false belief, the original exposure often continues to influence our memory and thoughts.” From The New Yorker’s Maria Konnikova: I Don’t Wanna Be Right.
Slate: “Because of the speed and abandon with which the Internet disseminates error, tracking the source of an online misattribution is usually a difficult business.” How totally fake quotes spread across the Internet.

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+ On the plus side, a Michigan State research paper found that, “young people are somewhat wary of information that comes from Twitter.”

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