Google is reportedly in talks to acquire a site called Twitch for about a $1 billion. A billion for Twitch could be the first really good buy in tech in a long time. And it’s the only recent deal my kids care about. Twitch is a site where people watch other people video games. That might sound nuts to you, but it’s huge. Here are the four leaders when it comes to the percentage of U.S. peak Internet traffic: Netflix, Google, Apple, Twitch.

+ Quartz: “Here’s why the deal makes sense: Last year, some 15 million people watched Major League Baseball’s World Series. More than twice as many watched the Season 3 World Championship of League of Legends.”

+ Twitch isn’t all about video games. There is some other less surprising content among its most popular streams.

+ Watching other people game is big among kids of all ages. There’s not a kid in my son’s second grade class who hasn’t heard of Stampy.

+ If all this makes you nostalgic for an earlier era of electronics, take a trip to Galloping Ghost, the largest arcade in America. Want to get even more nostalgic? The Rubik’s cube just turned 40. Here are a few fun facts. (I could never complete the cube, so I followed my aptitude to the Pet Rock.)