“I remember just shaking my head and thinking, ‘No one is going to believe any of this story is true.'” Skip Hollandsworth updates the story on the unusual Bernie Tiede (a murderer made famous by the movie Bernie) who has been released from prison and might end up sleeping in director Richard Linklater’s garage apartment. And here’s Hollandsworth’s original Bernie story from 1998: Midnight in the Garden of East Texas.

+ Did you know that we’re still paying for the Civil War? From the excellent Michael Phillips: Veterans’ Benefits Live On Long After Bullets Stop.

+ “A decision is made: tubes are connected, machines whir into life, pumps shuffle back and forth. Ice-cold fluid flows through your veins, chilling them. Eventually, your heart stops beating, your lungs no longer draw breath. Your frigid body remains there, balanced on the knife-edge of life and death, neither fully one nor the other, as if frozen in time.” Turning you into a popsicle could help you overcome life-threatening injuries. (Reading this gave me freeze-brain.)

+ Victims of domestic violence are often moved to secret locations for their safety. And these days, that means that their online identities and activities need to be completely hidden as well.