“My kids used to love math! Now it makes them cry.” So tweeted Louis C.K. earlier this week. His opinion of the new math and standardized tests is echoed by a lot of parents who “have found themselves puzzled by the manner in which math concepts are being presented to this generation of learners as well as perplexed as to how to offer the most basic assistance when their children are struggling with homework.” Rebecca Mead in the The New Yorker: Louis C.K. Against the Common Core.

+ Louis is good when it comes to parenting in the age of new math, but he’s even better when it comes to parenting in the age of cell phones.

+ I don’t know one parent who isn’t more (over)protective of their kids than their parents were of them. My mom argues that this trend makes sense because things are more dangerous for kids today. Well, Mom, check this out: It’s getting safer to be a child in the U.S. (My kids can go out and play by themselves as soon as they’re done finding the rest of this edition’s stories.)