A Sterling Reputation

This weekend, all news of the NBA playoffs was overshadowed by audio tapes featuring LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling making a series of racist remarks (some connected to photos of Magic Johnson) in a conversation with his girlfriend. On Sunday, his team staged a silent protest by turning their practice jerseys inside out. Was that enough?

+ The comments on the tape were outlandish, but not necessarily surprising. From Grantland’s Charles Pierce: “The point is that all of what we’ve discovered about Donald Sterling over the past three days has been an open secret for as long as he’s owned the Clippers.”

+ “Decades of racist policy renting housing in Los Angeles, which turned Sterling into a real-estate mogul wealthy enough to buy and run a professional sports team, didn’t elicit any such furor.” Kevin B Blackistone: The real tragedy of Donald Sterling’s racism: it took this long for us to notice.

+ This headline is not from The Onion: NAACP Nixes Donald Sterling Lifetime Achievement Award.

+ And there go the sponsors.

+ Weird potential outcome of all this: What if Sterling sold the Clippers to Magic Johnson?

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