Lost Weekend Reads

“Silicon Valley is not a place where one is invited to show frailty or despondence. It is, as Nick puts it, ‘the place where everybody is killing it all the time.'” Wired’s Gideon Lewis-Kraus provides an excellent look into the often weird days and nights of a pair of startup co-founders in Silicon Valley. “‘I have to admit, I just wonder,’ one investor said. ‘How special is the special sauce?'”

+ And in case you missed it a couple weeks ago, I wrote up a quick guide to how to raise $10 million for your tech startup.

+ The Atlantic: Your friendly neighborhood drug dealer.

+ Texas Monthly: “In an increasingly militarized zone along the Rio Grande, there are more border patrol agents on the ground than ever before, and more violent clashes between agents and Mexican citizens. Which raises a fundamental concern: Who will watch the watchers?”

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