Weekend Reads

“Lester is nearly unrecognizable in his new body. Maybe it’s the plastic surgery, but he looks young for 43 years old. Lester had six inches of skin removed from each side of his face after losing the weight. He’s undergone 17 surgeries in all to remove excess skin.” Normally, dropping weight is a positive. But things get complicated when you are an actor who regularly got the part of the big guy. From Grantland: In Hollywood, what happens to a man who loses more than half of himself?

+ “In the untamed world of online comment sections, no one is more vulnerable to criticism than doctors, who are restricted by confidentiality laws from defending themselves against even the most outlandish of claims.” From Buzzfeed: How Doctors Are Losing The War Against Trolls.

+ An oral history of Netscape’s founding (on its 20th anniversary).

+ The woman behind Apple’s first icons.

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