Weekend Reads

There are lot of real estate-related fights between developers and community members who want to maintain the authenticity of a local attraction. But what happens when that authenticity was made up in the first place? From The Atlantic’s Adam Doster: Fighting Over the Field of Dreams.

+ “I was shocked but not that surprised. A lot of people start with animals and move on the humans.” From Rolling Stone: A shocking story of citizen detectives, a videotaped murder, animal torture and one very disturbed celebrity wannabe.

+ “I want to look at it again the way any of us want to look the future in the eye, to know for sure whether Spaceport America represents a paradigm shift for human travel or a boondoggle for one of the poorest states in the nation or a carnival fad for the 1 percent or a cathedral for a new kind of space-age spirituality.” Buzzfeed’s Joshua Wheeler on Richard Branson’s space tourism venture: Failure to Launch.

+ NYT Mag’s Carlotta Gall: What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden.

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