The Bottom of the News

“On the first day, God created the navy blue blazer with brass buttons and khakis. And I looked and saw that it was not good. On the second day, He made the ill-fitting all-black suit. And I looked and saw that it was kinda bland. On the third day he created the boxy grey suit — and things were starting to get bleak. On the fourth day, I cried. The hunt for my bar mitzvah suit was failing miserably.”

+ Frank Underwood knows how to get a bill passed. Does Kevin Spacey? We’re about to find out. He’s in Annapolis to support a tax credit that has benefited the production of House of Cards. Speaking of House of Cards, I had a little run-in with the show on Twitter the other day. (Slight spoiler alert.)

+ In New Mexico, organizers are planning a landfill dig in search of the worst Atari game of all time. That’s what is so great about the Internet. The worst stuff is never more than a click away.

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