“My kind of service work is not the kind of service work that puts you in the back room washing dishes for 12-hour shifts for dollars because you are considered completely expendable. But my kind of service work is part of the same logic that indiscriminately razes neighborhoods. It outsources the emotional and practical needs of the oft-fetishized, urban-renewing ‘creative’ workforce to a downwardly mobile middle class, reducing workers’ personality traits and educations to a series of plot points intended to telegraph a zombified bohemianism for the benefit of the rich.” In The Awl, Molly Osberg takes us inside the Barista class. (She even remembered to leave a little room for milk.)

+ “We walked for a few hours, up a winding valley between brown mountains mottled with patches of yellow grass that looked like lion’s fur. We didn’t know that we were headed toward the worst 26 months of our lives.” From MoJo: Kidnapped by Iran.

+ A little-known Supreme Court ruling unmuzzled reporters — and changed Canadian journalism. This is the story behind the Rob Ford story.