“The facts are all over the place. It’s looking less and less like an accident. It’s looking more like a criminal event.” That’s an unidentified U.S. official quoted by the Washington Post. And after a full week of looking for a very large airplane, that’s about all we’ve got; unnamed officials offering up conjecture based on limited information. The search for the Malaysian airliner continues.

+ Reuters reports that there is radar data that suggests that the plane may have been deliberately flown off course.

+ Here’s how we (think we) know the plane kept flying for hours.

+ A combination of the mystery of the search and the demand for the media to attempt to answer our every question results in headlines like this: How much room would the missing Malaysia Airlines flight need to land?

+ We’ve got big data, small data, hacking, satellites, covert operations — this is an era when people know things they’re not even supposed to know. But they can’t find the plane. We find it difficult to accept this kind of uncertainty in the finales of our favorite TV shows, let alone real life. NY Mag’s Lisa Miller on what a missing jet means in a world where people rarely get lost.