TOMS, known for their shoes, is about to get into the coffee business. And “like the shoes that made TOMS famous, the coffee comes with a built-in plan for doing social good. In this case, the ‘give,’ as TOMS employees call it, is water: For every bag of TOMS beans sold, a person in Rwanda, Malawai, Guatemala, Honduras, or Peru – the areas where TOMS is sourcing beans – will get clean water for a week; for every cup, someone gets water for a day.” So either I drink a million cups of coffee today, or I don’t know, we just give the thirsty people the damn water.

+ Here are some numbers from Lady Gaga’s charity. They “gave out $5,000 in grants in 2012, after spending $1.85 million on lawyer, PR and social media fees.” This contrasts with many charities that raise millions of dollars so the founders can meet celebrities like Lady Gaga.

+ Those numbers might not be all that unusual. Take a look back at the Center for Investigative Reporting series on the dirty secrets of the worst charities.