The Bottom of the News

“I think of myself as the kind of investor who sits on the same side of the table as the entrepreneur. If it’s a stand-up desk, I’ll stand. If it’s a treadmill desk, it’s still doable. I mean, I’m wearing dress shoes right now, but I can easily pivot and put on some sneakers.” I’ve been investing in start-ups for more than a decade. So I figured I’d offer a little insight into the current funding environment: Here’s your guide to raising $10 million for your tech start-up without really trying.

+ “Thank you for submitting your tape of “U2″ … We have listened with careful consideration, but feel it is not suitable for us at present. We wish you luck with your future career.” From Mental Floss: 10 rejection letters sent to famous people.

+ According to the style section of record, the monocle has returned as a hipster fashion accessory. (Maybe someone just broke all their regular glasses.)

+ A dog is a man’s best friend; especially when she saves his life.

+ MadMen returns in just over a month. In the meantime, I present 9 seconds of Don Draper.

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