Hollywood Reads

I predict that this weekend’s Academy Awards will belong to a deserving Matthew McConaughey (who has made an incredible comeback from his days as a rich, famous, wildly attractive person). Before his name is read, the Oscar envelope will have taken an interesting (and secretive) journey. And here are some details about how the Oscar statue is made.

+ LA Weekly: Who killed the Romantic Comedy? (Just in case you want to thank them…)

+ NYT: The Last, Disposable Action Hero. “Almost any actor, even some of Hollywood’s most scrawny, can be physically transformed for the part if he’s willing to put in the hard work. The studios know this, which is why any inexpensive unknown can be chosen.”

+ Do a billion people really watch the Oscars? Here’s the answer for my 100 million readers.

+ A reunion of the kids from Slumdog Millionaire.

+ Digg: The biggest losers in Oscar history and other things you didn’t know.

+ All 85 Best Picture Oscar winners, ranked.

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