The Bottom of the News

According to Buzzfeed’s Will Herrmann, it’s not all that tough to use data to predict who will win this year’s top Academy Awards.

+ Does the NFL have any business telling Black players to stop saying the N-Word? (And if so, can they penalize a player for calling someone a Redskin?)

+ The A’s Josh Reddick welcomes us back to baseball with two homerun stealing grabs.

+ How a good user interface can make you tip more.

+ Adam Driver, the guy from Girls, just landed a part in the new Star Wars movie.

+ My wife is on a plane. And by the time she lands, I want to have gotten her a thousand new Twitter followers. In the Internet age, this is what counts as a grand, romantic gesture. And if I don’t prove that I can accomplish this feat, she might not believe my subscriber numbers and make me get a real job. So, Follow My Wife, Please (and tell your followers to do the same). Oh, and you’ll totally enjoy following her. She’s like me, but attractive, smart, funny, and less needy.

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