History Unfolds in Kiev

History is moving at an incredible pace in Ukraine. Last week, President Viktor Yanukovych was still in power. This week, he is out of power, on the run, and wanted on charges of “mass murder of peaceful civilians.”

+ “In the space of a day, everything has changed, again.” In The Atlantic, Uri Friedman provides some background on a country that seemed to change overnight.

+ With Yanukovych on the move, thousands of Ukrainians descended on his country estate which, it turns out, includes a replica galleon floating on an artificial waterway, a golf course, and a zoo. This place is basically a moonwalk away from being Neverland Ranch.

+ “He had never been knocked down. His ring name, Dr. Ironfist, is a testament to both his hitting power and his status as the only world champion ever to hold a Ph.D.” Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine’s revolutionary champ.

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