“You may never know their names or see their faces, but becoming a go-to voice in Hollywood requires just as much hard work and hustle as making it on the big screen.” From Narratively: Secrets From Voiceover School. (Related: Lake Bell directed and starred in a fun movie on this topic called: In a World…)

+ The excellent Om Malik is leaving the day to day grind of his creation, GigaOm: Here’s his post on the subject: “Living a 24-hour news life has come at a personal cost. I still wake in middle of the night to check the stream to see if something is breaking, worrying whether I missed some news. It is a unique type of addiction that only a few can understand.” (Om, wait, take me with you…)

+ Kansas focuses on spanking.

+ James Franco on Shia LaBeouf in the NYT. Wait, what?

+ Mental Floss: The original locations of famous fast food chains.

+ Winter is coming. Again. The Polar Vortex isn’t done yet.