While many viewers will have to wait for the delayed broadcast of the Opening Ceremonies, you can see some great photos here, including the shot of the missing ring.

+ Google already held their own opening ceremonies with a rainbow doodle and a reminder that this sport spectacle should be one without discrimination. Canada’s Institute of Diversity and Inclusion came up with their own response to Russia’s anti-gay games.

+ CNN: Plane lands in Turkey after bomb threat, passenger wanted to land in Sochi.

+ “The theme of these Games is simple: this is Putin’s pop-culture reassertion of Russia, a worldwide media-saturated insistence on its modern power and capacities, all done with a flash and a reach that no diplomatic summit could ever match.” David Remnick on Putin’s Games.

+ 14 photos that prove that Skeleton is the most badass sport at Sochi. That said, the downhill course sounds like it could be pretty intense. Meanwhile, what exactly is Curling?

+ Now that the Games have officially started, you definitely don’t want to hear more about Sochi’s problems. Unless you do.