Five Ring Circus

“Please do not flush toilet paper down the toilet.” That was only one of the weird signs and messages being tweeted by the journalists arriving in Sochi. If you want bad buzz about an event, a good place to start is by making sure those covering the event are miserable. From WaPo: Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences. (If you think their tweets are bad, wait until we start getting the faxes.)

+ Yesterday we saw reports that Sochi officials had ordered the killing of stray dogs in the area. Maybe they should just make the dogs snowboard down the Olympic slopestyle course. Several competitors have already been hurt, and now Shaun White says he’s skipping the event altogether.

+ It’s warm. It’s clear. But at least the snowmakers are working.

+ Outside looks at the gear that Olympians will be using to gain an edge.

+ And from Deadspin: A User’s Guide To The Bizarre Toilets Of Sochi.

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