This wasn’t what we expected. Bob Dylan tried to sell you a car. Prince promoted his appearance on a sitcom. And Richard Sherman ended up being pretty nice. And the game? Well, that was all about the number twelve. Seattle brought their 12th man. It turned out the game was basically over after 12 seconds when Seattle scored a safety. Marshawn Lynch scored a touchdown with 12 minutes remaining in the first half. And Percy Harvin put the game away with his kickoff return for a touchdown — that was scored exactly 12 seconds into the third quarter. Thanks to legalized weed, none of the celebrations on the streets of Seattle got too out of hand. Instead of overturning burning cars, rioting Seattle fans just overturned a bowl of Doritos.

+ From the cranked-up rap music playing during their practices to a crushing game, the weekend was all about the Seahawks. For a good roundup, here’s Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback.

+ The pre-game social media chatter was dominated by talk of Joe Namath’s fur coat. It was a redux of the look he rolled out in 1971, but this time he looked so ridiculous in that fur coat that PETA probably sees the display of the pelt as a net positive.

+ Peyton Manning was asked if he was embarrassed: “It’s not embarrassing at all. I would never use that word. The word ’embarrassing’ is an insulting word, to tell you the truth.” In this case, I think that word is putting it pretty gently.

+ Anyone in Denver who needs some cheering up should read the text exchange between defensive end Shaun Phillips and his son.

+ Lose money on your big game bets? Don’t feel bad. Most of the famous animal prognosticators got it wrong too. Although Eli the Ape managed to make it seven straight.

+ Since it’s stuck in your head, here’s the story behind the NFL on Fox theme song: Batman on Steroids.