Kosher Pigskins

Most commercials during NFL games aren’t exactly directed towards women. But that’s changing. Why? Because in the concussion-awareness era, moms are increasingly the ones who decide that their kids can’t play football. “In other words, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

+ Security is up. The temperature is down. Bottom line, it sucks to be a scalper.

+ You already won your Super Bowl prop bet if you took the over on counterfeit tickets and goods. Law enforcement officials have already arrested 50 people and seized more than $21 million in counterfeit NFL goods.

+ Advanced technology. Millions in development. 3D printing. And we’re just talking about the cleats.

+ Will this be the most kosher Super Bowl? (It really doesn’t matter. It’s going to be way too cold outside for most Jewish mothers to let their kids attend to the game.)

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